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Summer refreshment: Revitalize 2+1 as a gift!

Package contents: 2x Revitalize

Gifts: 1x Revitalize

Deal Revitalize 2+1 is valid until 30.9.2021


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Expiration date: 28.12.2021

Ramissio Revitalize

The combination of Aloe Vera, Acai and Agave has not only a beneficial effect on the human body, but also complex an exotic taste.

Thanks to its unique composition, this carefully mixed cocktail helps to rid the body of harmful substances and replenish the necessary vitamins and minerals.

More information about Ramissio Revitalize can be found here:


Manufactured for:

RAMISSIO LTD, London, Great Britain

Office Q, 35a Astbury Road, SE15 2NL

Content of the set:

3x Ramissio Revitalize
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