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Forever young

Package: EARTH + WATER



We all want to keep the youthful look as long as possible, but that is not self-evident. Beauty and life energy come from within and one should always be aware of this.

Offer is valid until 31 December 2019 or while stocks last.

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AIR provides every cell of the body with complex nutrients.

EARTH is a unique combination of cleansing herbs for daily use.


The collagen and anti-inflammatory enzymes in WATER help to brighten and firm the skin, increase hair growth and density, and strengthen and nourish nails so that they shine.


As a gift, you will receive a luxury thermal glass and a luxury gift bag.



The designer thermal glasses offer you a perfect experience when preparing and drinking our dietary supplements. It is particularly suitable for the preparation of beverages from the new range of powder products.

Thanks to the perfectly sealed bamboo lid, you can use it instead of a shaker and simply mix the products with water.

Another advantage is that the glass is thermal and can maintain the temperature of the drink for a long time. It is suitable for both cold drinks and hot liquids, which are most needed by the body in winter. An ideal helper for preparing the Ramissio Fire drink, which you can drink hot every day instead of a cup of coffee.

Due to the thermal insulation properties of the double-walled vacuum glass, the outer layer of the glass remains cool even when a hot drink is used, preventing unwanted burning.

The advantage of borosilicate glass over conventional glass is its high resistance to high and low temperatures or mechanical damage, and does not contain any chemicals.

The experience of the daily ritual deepens the beautiful design of the lid with the motif of the flower of life. The lid can also be used as a stylish coaster.

If you are a candle lover, you can also place a tea light in the glass and let your home shine in an atmosphere of warm light. The glass is heat resistant and made of mouth blown glass.

Contents: 0,3 dcl

Content of the set:

1x Luxury paper bags
1x Ramissio Water
1x Ramissio Earth
1x Ramissio Air
1x Thermo glass
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